Our Partners

The BACKUP INITIATIVE GIZ aims at enabling government and civil society partners to apply for and utilize Global Fund money in order to implement measures for controlling HIV, tuberculosis and malaria more effectively and sustainably.

The Positive Action for Children Fund (PACF) is an integral part of ViiV Healthcare’s Commitment to Communities affected by HIV and AIDS. The Organization supports Prevention of mother-to-child Transmission (PMTCT) of HIV services across the globe. Every year, one of the big challenges is to form new partnerships with community focused organizations; who strive to alleviate the devastating effects of the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

A Fund that support advocacy and activist groups working on 4 Priority areas: Ending Unsafe Abortion; Gender-Based Violence, Stigma and Discrimination, Sexual Health of Young People as well as Access for the Marginalized and Vulnerable. Amplify Change support FIS efforts to increase the use of SR material among marginalized and vulnerable group in a remote area in the Lolodorf health district in Cameroon South region.



The Stop TB Partnership is leading the way to a world without tuberculosis (TB), a disease that is curable but still kills three people every minute. Founded in 2001, the Partnership's mission is to serve every person who is vulnerable to TB and ensure that high-quality diagnosis, treatment and care is available to all who need it. FIS received the Stop TB support through the Challenge Facility for Civil Society to “strengthening comprehensive response to tuberculosis that engage and are accountable to communities in cameroon”.

Oxfam is an International Institution claiming to work in a vision of a world where women and men are valued and treated equally, able to influence the decisions that affect their lives and meet their responsibilities as full citizens. The Organization has 6 goals put on local communities and the voices of poor people at the centre of change a hope for ending the injustice of poverty.

The National Tuberculosis Programme works with FIS to strengthen community response.



The Health Policy Action Fund (HPAF) small grants program was established by the International Health Partnership and Related Initiatives (IHP+) with the overall objective of strengthening civil society engagement in national health policy, monitoring and accountability processes at the country level, in line with the IHP+ Global Compact. HPAF support FIS effort to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Global Fund Grants in Cameroon.

In the framework of the Aid Effectiveness Campaign implemented by FIS- (For Impact in Social Health)-, the organization benefits from the expertise of AIDSPAN, the independent observer of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria and its grant implementers. Through their monitoring local watchdogs project, AIDSPAN supports FIS in the development, the implementation and monitoring of watchdogging activities in Cameroon.


The Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Services (CBCHS) is a nonprofit, Faith based healthcare organization, which started over 60 years ago. It has over the years expanded into six of Cameroon's 10 regions: Northwest, Southwest, Center, West, Adamawa, and Littoral. Services offered by the CBCHS range from village Primary Health Care to highly specialized hospital based care with an integration of other social services.

The Ministry of Public Health is the national supreme authority in charge of the people health in the Republic of Cameroon, actually under the authority of Minister André Mana FOUDA, responsible for the development and implementation of government policy on public health. This Ministry is particular responsible for the organization, management and development of public health facilities; To ensure the technical control of private health facilities; To ensure the extension of the health coverage of the territory etc.