Another big legitimization for FIS activities!!!

Within the framework of the implementation of its vision of «eradicating injustices in the domain of health, its 2016-2020 strategic plan that aims “to positively impact woman, children and adolescents health”, FIS just got another recognition from the Minister of Public Health. The “Contract of Execution”, a key document has been delivered to the NGO in order for the staff and actors across the national territory, to clearly conduct their objectives on the field for the improvement of vulnerable people health.

A national recognition to FIS because its fight is a noble one as perceived by the MOH, who also aims in the same light as seen in one of its objective of its sectorial strategic plan 2016-2027 “partnership as key principle of health sector Vision”.

The main objective of this fundamental document is to amplify community commitment on the follow up of the Cameroon health international assistance, to increase the mother, child and adolescent use of health services and to engage more advocacies for the realization of Universal Health Coverage in Cameroon.


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