Promotion of vaccination

Gavi/CSO is a project that mobilizes community base organizations to effectively participate in the promotion of vaccination and the strengthening of health systems. It aims at making vaccination a right to all. It is carried out by PROVARESSC (Plate-forme des organisations de la société civile pour la promotion de la vaccination et le renforcement du système de santé au Cameroun) with FIS been the national coordinator, presently it consist of 27 focal point organizations and 277 members of civil society organizations in the 10 regions of Cameroon.

This project consist more of strengthening dialogue for an effective communication to promote an enlarge vaccination program. Thus, PROVARESSC signed a tripartite memorandum of understanding (MOU) on the 1st of October 2014 with the Ministry of Public Health and Wealth Health Organization (WHO) to carry out activities and community follow up in line with strengthening the health system towards PEV. The structuring of the platform was to identify a focal point by member organizations. In other words, the coordination of PROVARESSC is ensured by three organizations known as; FIS is the head quarter and coordinator, Alternative Santé (AS) and ASAD-Bertoua. The 2016 results of FIS for this platform following axis 1 are in two orders:
- Training structures for dialogue.
- Participation in vaccination campaigns.

FIS trained 195 dialogue structures (CBO, COSA and COSADI) as planned on the bases of valid instruments by PEV and WHO. It wasn’t without challenges which however, we were able to overcome without difficulties.
Trip 01: FIS trained 27 COSA in the health district of Cité-vert, the district CBO is FENARAFEC and 30 COSA in the health district of Lolodorf where the CBO is SWAA south.
Trip 02: 15 COSA were trained at Monatelé and the district CBO is an association for Bayamselam. 21 COSA trained at Mbandjock and 12 COSA at Ngoumou.
Trip 03: At Mbalmayo, FIS trained 45 COSA, 35 at Eseka and the district CBO is AHDESC; at Djoum 15 COSA were trained and the district CBO is Farmers Common Initiative Group of AkomZamane.