Community Participation in PMTCT « Mums Light »

There are 27 « Mums Light » who serve as a link between health centers the area of the population benefiting from the project, be they pregnant women, their spouses, children and women of child bearing ages.

They render the project lively since they were chosen at first by the community and the health center, and then later participated in the project They were used on the general bases of HIV and AIDS, technics on communication, reporting, support and assistance to PVVIH, referential, home visits and community conversations. The trainings were carried out in partnership with the District Hospital of Lolodorf and assisted technically by Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Service (CBCHS).

At the end of the training, they signed an agreement letter to respect the confidentiality of patients and were also recognized by the Chief Doctor of the District through a recognition letter he sent to the local authorities. FIS produced and put at the disposal of the communities two community intervention manuals, monthly and quarterly report registers and a work record book. A community PBF result Purchase mechanism was established to compensate their efforts. Follow up of their activities shows that their progressive capacity building will permit them on the field to have a relay capable of changing the local habits and increase reliable information.