Community motorbike

To resolve the problem of distance to health centers, FIS donated a sport bike to the district health center of Lolodorf. The several tours carried with the community motorbike in the villages facilitated the treatment offered to the targeted population directly and indirectly. With the help of the motorbike, the district head goes faster with vaccinations, prenatal consultations, follow up of physically disabled patients and sensitization in hard reached communities such as the pigmies and distant places from health centers.

In the course of 2015, with the use of the motorbike, all the villages were visited covering a distance of about 1926 km. It covered 22 villages with some being visited 2 to 3 times. The team using it was able to through educative talks sensitize and referred;


372 women of child bearing age

122 pregnant women

141 men sensitized

58 young boys (15-24 years)

201 young girls (15-24 years)


The mobile clinic rendered the following services:

  • 3089 children were vaccinated on fix and advance strategy (BCGPolio 0– Polio 1- Polio 3 – Penta 1 – Penta 2 – Penta 3 – Rota 1 – Rota 2 – VITA-VAA).
  • 25 delivery cases without complication
  • 29 emergency cases transported to the health center
  • 08 men tested for HIV
  • 05 PVVIH under ARV follow up.


Finally, it has also helped to carry out:

  • 11 joint tour between the district head and the supervisor of ML.
  • 32 meetings between the district head and the ML in their respective areas
  • 04 supervision meetings with district head and ML in the health center.