Media Engagement

Through the initiative of media engagement (radio programs on governance, award for best media production on follow up of GF grant, press launch on the putting in place of GF grants etc), the project provoked a critical debate on the management of GF funds. In fact, also trained on independent follow up of GF, media men have demonstrated their involvement through the diffusion of press articles, reporting, radio and TV debates on the follow up results and execution of GF funds.

We have conducted numerous communication activities towards the media, which allowed us to occupy the media scene for a long time. These interventions were newspaper articles, radio and TV debates on the problems of our country on the effectiveness of aid. We can mention among other media:

  1. The Daily thematic «Our Health»
  2. Sky One Radio 104 FM
  3. Radio Royal FM: 92.1 FM
  4. Radio Galaxy FM: 93.5 FM
  5. Private TV Vision 4
  6. Radio 107.3 FM TRC
  7. The official Radio of Cameroon ( Cameroon Radio and Television - CRTV)