Common vision

In June 2015, FIS organized a workshop with all the staff aimed at:

  • Share and explain the organization’s constitution, internal rules and regulation and the procedure manual.
  • Explain the organigram of the organization with the roles of each organ and the terms of reference of each staff.
  • Gather proposals that can ameliorate the working conditions of the staff.

The strong recommendations and results gotten from the workshop further led us to put in place some measures:

  • Equip all 08 staff of FIS with a complete office (office table, office chair, desktop computer for junior staff and laptop computer for senior staff).
  • Provide free office internet connection.
  • Provide free communication line at zero cost to facilitate communication and dialogue among all staff.
  • A register book to track the movement of staff during working hours.
  • Salary payment through ban transfer to permit financial traceability.
  • Matriculation and payment of social insurance charges and taxes for all salaried staff.
  • Ameliorate the documentation and capitalization of FIS’s actions through systematic submission of monthly reports on staff activities with attachments pertaining to the report