Improved PMCT results in the Lolodorf health area

The objectives of this project are: - the creation of a favorable environment for improving local results PMTCT / SR, - facilitating the access of at least 3697 women of childbearing age to services SR / PMTCT – and the loyalty of at least 761 pregnant women and their children in the SR / PMTCT and pediatric HIV. The purchase of the results of this project obeys the community PBF (Performance based Results).

Therefore, the FIS formed a first wave of 15 ML which were quickly saturated by the workload. In early December an additional wave of 12 were formed, so every village of the area is covered by a ‘’Mum Light’’. The impact of this action is felt by the real increase in the Health Care attendance figures and retaining pregnant women in the circuit of PMTCT. The immunization coverage rate increased from 50% in the third quarter of project implementation through community bike, and 139 women were counseled for HIV / AIDS according to the evaluation of consolidated reports ‘area. Concrete achievements at this level were:

- The signing of a partnership agreement with the MOH through its regional delegation for South implementing PMTCT / RH activities

- Effective involvement with local authorities

- Community diagnosis