TB/HIV concept note elaboration process: Overview of the ongoing country dialogue in Cameroon.


Beneficiary of the Global Fund (GF) to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria since 2004, Cameroon is one of the countries eligible for the New Funding model of the GF for an amount of 144 billion FCFA. This new dynamics put a focus on the engagement and participation of multi-stakeholders participation through ongoing country dialogue.

On the 13th May 2014, the CCM officially launched the New Funding Model (NFM) with 180 representatives of all the national stakeholders: civil society, the Most At Risks Populations (MARPS), People Living With HIV (PLWVIH), the private sector, technical and financial Partners, university institutes) for them to effectively participate to the process resulting in the elaboration of the new request for fund.

Within the framework of TB / HIV concept note, dialogues started with the review of the national strategic plans (NSP) which were made through a participative collaboration of national health programs, the civil society organizations, technical and financial partners, (UNAIDS, WHO, UNICEF) and key affected populations (refuges, PLWHIV, MARPs1).

A strong participation of the civil society organizations, in particular the key affected populations, organizations of defense of gender and Women rights , organizations of defense of human rights and community based organizations, is essential to the efficiency of this consultative process. Thus, the TB/HIV concept note writing committee was constituted in April 2014 with 13 representatives of the civil society on the 25 members of this committee.