How Shadow Report shades light on Global Fund Aid Effectiveness


For Impacts in Social Health (FIS) is a civil society organization created in 1997 in Cameroon whose vision is to eradicate injustice in the health sector through critical monitoring of health policies and programs by taking government, development partners as well as other national stakeholders accountable to their commitments and communities more responsible of their health issues.

This involves monitoring and assessing all engagements that favor more efficient results of aid in the health sector which have most of the time hindered by inadequate frameworks to ensure transparency and accountability at national level.

In fact, the government of Cameroon identifies the promotion of good governance as a main challenge to realize its 2035 emerging vision. Despite several actions to improve governance of resources,  especially in the health sector whose system of information is defaulting on both internal and external resources,  management of resources are fairly coordinated and thus have very low impact.

Also vertical mechanism to improve transparency, accountability and community involvement in the delivery of public services especially health services are not implemented at local level. 

Shadow reports are developed as a civil society response to effectively participate in Health policies monitoring and thus, improve aid effectiveness in health sector.

Shadow reporting is an approach to present alternative assessment of official health program performance by identifying gaps and priorities for improvement.