Our vision / Our Mission / Our Objectives

Our Vision

Eradicate injustice in the health domain

This consists of reducing inequality and more access to fundamental goods (Advice, support and care, treatment) in the health domain for the more vulnerable notably youths, women, children, marginalized and discriminated groups of people.


Our Mission

Our Mission is to propose innovative approaches to the stakeholders of health and to work in a complementary manner with public services in consideration with the essential needs of the destitute populations to have a positive impact in their health.


Our Objectives

  1. Fight against injustice which affects access to quality health services to the less privileged.
  2. Promote human right in the domain of health.
  3. Fight against gender inequality affecting the health of women and marginalized groups of people.
  4. Awake the conscience of the local communities on how to take care of their health problems beside formal health system.
  5. Create a conducive environment for the less privileged communities.