Cameroon civil society actors met with NTP to achieve a better-coordinated national TB response.


In order to strengthen the collaboration between Civil Society Organizations and the TB Program for a better coordination of the national TB response, members of the ‘’National TB Community Coalition Cameroon’’, under the leadership of the TB Representative at the CCM, had a concertation on the April 16, 2018 at the TB Program headquarters. The aim was to strengthen the contribution of community actors in the fight against the disease for a greater impact.

This concertation took place within the context of the effectiveness of the new round of Global Fund 2018-2020 allocation terms and the designation of CAMNAFAW as TB sub-recipient, in charge of the community component. In addition to this Global Fund support, other initiatives of civil society exist throughout the country, but sometimes lacks visibility in the national response. The concertation was then based on the following axis:

  • Presentation of the ‘’National TB Community Coalition Cameroon’’;
  • Understanding of the ‘’National TB Strategy’’;
  • Key demands of civil society.

Concerning the first point, Bertrand KAMPOER, the focal point of the coalition and the TB representative at the CCM, presented the context in which the coalition was created (Outputs Project Stop TB Challenges Facility for Civil Society 2016 – 2017). The initiative actually count 72 Organizations (44 CBOs & 28 CSO). He also presented the coalition organigram (composed with a secretariat and a Core group of 06 themes according to Community Health System Strengthening components). He concluded by the coalition main realizations (Stop TB Network, Representativeness at CCM Cameroon, 10 regional focal points, an existing Mailing list, a Website and Advocacy tools (Scorecards and policy brief).

In the next point on the “Understanding of the National TB Strategy”, discussions were based on - the Community component implications - TB in prisons - TB among drug users. The NTP Permanent Secretary clearly explained the needs and the gaps recorded in these three components that civil society organizations can resolved according to their various expertise nationwide.

The third point on Key demands of civil society was oriented on – Technical Assistance needed by the Coalition - Permanent framework of exchange between the NTP and civil society - NTP's strategy for the UN HLM on TB. The NTP Permanent Secretary in his staff have reassured their full availability for community actors for their Key demands. At the end of the meeting, the following main recommendations have been registered:

  • Capitalize ‘’National TB Community Coalition Cameroon’’ expertise and invite its members at the NTP’s every decision making concertation;
  • The NTP will encourage through capacity building, the appropriation of the national strategic plan by community actors;
  • NTP commits itself to facilitate the constitution of the coalition request for technical assistance to the initiative 7%;
  • Both parties commit to a quarterly exchange framework, however variable depending on the urgency of a situation that requires a faster meeting;
  • The TB representative at the CCM Cameroon, who is also a panel member for the UN HLM on TB, is responsible for keeping the NTP informed on the evolution of planned activities.



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