A Committed Community Mobilization Officer

Community mobilization is an action that aims to encourage the populations of a given community, to participate in the improvement of a difficult situation that the same population is facing. As far as the "Health Promotion" is concerned, we are working in order to involve them to improve health’s indicators that can be more or less alarming. Community mobilization must however include the whole Community concerned, not just a few actors if it must be effective.

It is in this context that we have been implementing since 2014 in the Lolodorf Health Area (South Region); a project entitled "Community Conversations". Whose goal is to improve PMTCT outcomes in Lolodorf, one of the nine Health areas in the Health District. To this end, we wish to encourage our Community Mobilization Officer, ROSE MICHELE BONKOUN NZIE, who has been active in this community ever since. Her commitment is impeccable towards the rural populations, pygmies and vulnerable groups in particular, to facilitate their access to healthcare. She works to achieve this, with a team of Community health workers ‘’Mamans lumières’’, responsible for sensitizing and follow up of the beneficiaries. She also works with local authorities, District Health staff and the entire community for better results.

We invite you to watch this video illustrating the fieldwork she is doing, available via the following links: