Lolodorf will be hosting on February 08 & 09 a major HIV screening campaign

Under the patronage of the sub-division Officer and the Lolodorf Council, FIS Cameroon, as a prelude to the 52nd edition of the National Youth Day, in partnership with the Health District, is organizing a free HIV testing campaign in the city of Lolodorf. The activity will take place on February 8 and 9 at the government high school and technical high school respectively, with a possibility to reach the general Community.

The activity is part of a project "Community Conversations to Improve PMTCT / SRH results in the Lolodorf Health Area. An extended program, initiated in January 2014. This is because a study was done in the communities with the health authorities, which showed a high prevalence rate and poor results of PMTCT.  In addition, HIV + pregnant women were victims of poor hospital reception and the community stigmatized them. That is why they moved towards traditional medicine; hence, the impressive number of lost to follow-up (95% in 2013) in PMTCT / SRR services. One of the aim of this project is to strengthen the collaboration and partnership between key stakeholders (PLHIV, communities, health, religious, political and traditional authorities) in order to improve the above situation. Nevertheless, the project in its current state has greatly contributed to:

  1. A verified use of services by nearly 70% of pregnant women and women of childbearing age;
  2. Drastic reduction of the barriers related to self- stigma, stigma / discrimination related to HIV;
  3. Formerly marginalized Pygmy populations are fully integrated into the Community
  4. A functional Steering Committee representative of all members of the Community and stakeholders has been created.

Students, youths and even the general population are massively invite to join this screening campaign to end the HIV onsite in a context where the prevalence of Lolodorf is twice that of national average (8.3%). By actively participating in this screening campaign, they will reaffirm their willingness to fight against HIV and at the same time assert their responsibility.

Benoit BISSOHONG B. & SIEWE Paulline