Cameroon TB/HIV Concept Note reviewed by Civil society

Cameroon is submiting its TB/HIV Concept Note as a request for funding for the 2018-2020 allocation period this Monday 28 August, 2017 to Global Fund. A submission that concludes Cameroon Country Dialogue, a process in which the various stakeholders were involved. The development of the Concept Note in question was one of the key steps in this process.

Two retreats for the preparation of this Concept Note were held in the town of Kribi, South region Cameroon. At the end of the 2nd retreat notably, civil society actors were gathered on 14 and 16 August, 2017 in Yaounde during a workshop co organized by  FIS Cameroon and CAMNAFAW. Workshop whose general objective was to analyze the conformity of Draft 2 with the guidelines of Global Fund for the elaboration of the financing request, in order to formulate civil society proposals to improve the quality of the document .

There were more than fifty civil society actors who came together to reinforce the quality of the Concept Note. Please find the related activity report in the French version by downloading the PDF document attached to this article.