Battery of measures to encourage family planning

While an international summit on family planning in which Cameroon has participated just ended in London, England, the country is taking that occasion to present a set of measures to encourage this same family planning. Purpose of a Press Conference organized this 13th July 2017 in Yaoundé by André MAMA FOUDA, Minister of Public Health, assisted by his colleagues of both Communication and Promotion of women and family ministries. In essence, it should be noted that the price of 10 male condoms is 50 FCFA, that the pills or oral contraceptives and pills of the following day are obtained to 125 FCFA, that the injectables cost for example at 255 FCFA,  intrauterine devices cost 1000 FCFA and contraceptive implants at 2140 FCFA only. Contraceptive products available in all public health facilities, as well as in pharmacies.

However, it should be remind that all these prices are derived from a Minister of Health circular signed on August 14, 2014, which makes the costs of contraceptives more accessible to people. They are part of the Cameroon Operational Planning initiated by the United Nations Fund Population Fund (UNFPA) which the representative in Cameroon Barbara SOH also attended the Press conference. The overall goal of this plan is to achieve a World where every pregnancy is desired and every childbirth is safe.

The road thus seems to mark everything for Cameroonian couples and young people, especially during these school vacations, in order to avoid what the Minister describes as « Four too" in terms of pregnancy. Pregnancy too early - too close - too many - too late.