The Faster Implementation of the FIS’s Development Plan


2017 is definitely a pivotal year in terms of both the consolidation of the FIS Vision and the initiation of internal operating standards. After the signing of the Commitment Charter by all staff at the beginning of the year, clearly implicating their responsibilities and duties to attain the vision of the organization which is to “Eradicate injustices in the health domain”, the implementation of the Organization's Development Plan is in its turn a reality since Monday 12 June 2017. Working in the Promotion of Health for 20 years now, the organization is committed to providing the entire staff with suitable working conditions by reviewing their remuneration and the materialization of employment contracts. This situation does not only strengthen the sense of belonging among them, but also reaffirms the commitment of the work of each and everyone.

In its Strategic Plan 2016-2020, that aims to "Positively impact the health of the Mother, the Child and the Adolescent", passion is still the first virtue to face challenges. In view of this ambition, a synergy of efforts and forces through the realization of this commitments from the hierarchy comes at the right time. And the best is still to come as reassured by the Executive Director.