National TB Coalition, renewed commitment


It was under this strong recommendation that the evaluation meeting of the first quarter activities of each member of the Core Group ended on Thursday 23 March at the FIS headquarters in Yaoundé. A renewed commitment due to some shortcomings observed by certain Organizations that are part of this Coalition. Most of the shortcomings were due to the non-implementation of the deliberately chosen terms of reference during the launching meeting organized at the beginning of the year. What those indexed Organizations have quickly recognized, demanding even more time to catch up.

The meeting also provided an opportunity to make strong proposals for the Country Dialogue around the ongoing TB / HIV Grant’s requests, as well as contributions for the setting of the website and the celebration of the International Day against TB. Day for which a Press Release have been broadcast, claiming more community involvement in the fight toward National TB Program.

The National Community Tuberculosis Coalition is a platform entirely dedicated to the fight against this tuberculosis pandemic, which is still curable but continues to decimate populations. Nearly a hundred Structures are listed in two levels; the Core Group (composed by Organizations such as FESADE, AFASO, MEJ, PG, CEREDRUP & FIS) and regional focal points. A whole synergy to allow Cameroon to find half of missing cases hidden in Communities, according to the World Health Organization in its last report.