At the School of Project conception and Fundraising


Three members of FIS Cameroon team (EKOI Edwin Program Officer, Michele BONKOUN Community Mobilization Officer and Benoit BISSOHONG B. Communication Officer), are now equipped in Strategic Planning, Project conception and Fundraising. This was during a training Workshop held on the 15, 16 and 17 of March at the AIDRH Consulting Cameroon Cabinet, specialized in Local Development and located at Nsimeyong in Yaoundé.

An initiative, which stems from the willingness of those in charge of the structure to secure the operational capacities of the staff in order to achieve the objectives, set by the Organization. This was thus a good occasion since the need for such training had been a priority for some time. In conformity with the commitments made by the hierarchy at the beginning of the year, this training is an achievement of these commitments. It is therefore a motivated, galvanized staff whom above all, are aware of this opportunity that they brought back at the end of the training workshop. They are ready to put into practice what they have acquired from the training.

As a reminder, the Strategic Planning, Project conception and Fundraising are intervention axis within Civil Society Organizations. This training enable these Organizations to look for partners that can support development initiatives. In this case, FIS’s commitment toward Communities still has a long way to go.