Three FIS's Amazons at the service of health promotion


This Wednesday, March 08, 2017 is celebrated the 32th International Day of the Rights of Women in Cameroon. An opportunity for Women all over the world to make their voice held and to demonstrate to Men what they can do. At FIS Cameroon, their talent, competence and ability are not contested. Michele BONKOUN NZIE, in charge of Community Mobilization, also employee of the 2016 year, Donette NGOUNE, in charge of the Universal Health Coverage Program (UHC) and Alix Tatiane MEKONGO, Development Plan Officer are demonstrating it to Men every day. The issue of Gender is benefiting from a special attention.

As a reminder, the Women's Day is celebrated this year under the theme: "Women in a changing world of work, a 50-50 planet by 2030". An Opportunity for the United Nations to call upon for more gender equality by 2030, but equality in complementarity between women and men. FIS Cameroon is an integral part of this vision, particularly in its management policy. In its 2017 Charter of Commitment signed by the entire staff at the beginning of the year, Equity of treatment, Objectivity and Impartiality among Women/Men emerge as major principles, guaranteed by the Executive Director Bertrand KAMPOER.

In view of the challenges and the vision of FIS Cameroon, all the men of the Organization agreed on the role and the importance of women to promote even more the health of the Cameroonians in general, the most vulnerable groups in particular as we are doing since 20 years ago. A vision and a challenge only possible through the contribution of both men and women. Happy celebration day to all Women.