"Building on what exists and on a consensual basis"

Thus can be summarized the last Friday meeting between the Executive Director of FIS Cameroon, Bertrand KAMPOER who is also Coordinator of the PROVAREESC Platform and MONYUY BALON Mustapha of Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), in presence of Dr MBOI Alain Charles at the FIS office. In essence, CHAI has just benefited from a Grant for Strengthening the Capacities of Organizations Working in Vaccination, in view of the Expansion of Vaccination Coverage in Yaoundé and Douala. Two cities where 1/3 of the non-vaccinated children are registered according to the Enlarged Immunization Program (EIP). CHAI has then lunched  a process of identifying all the Organizations involved in the vaccination domain.

Because the PROVAREESC Platform brings together most of the CSOs and CBOs involved in this vaccination domain, the meeting aimed at bringing the two parties together, in order to identify all the Organizations concerned, as well as the source of their incomes and also their vision. A call for more commitment and empowerment, if GAVI, main financial provider of Vaccination comes to end its contribution. The professionalization of the Community Health System (CHS) so desired is therefore based on the existing CHWs previously trained to which new ones will be associated.

It was therefore by mutual arrangement that the two parties agreed on the consolidation of a database. It will take into account the Organizations gathered on the PROVAREESC Platform nd those that will be selected from the process of identification of CHAI underway. The training of these actors targets to strengthen the health system and improve immunization coverage. PROVAREESC has now to put at CHAI disposal, its complete directory as soon as possible for the consolidation indeed.