Civil Society Experts Group at work!


They were really at work, the 12 Experts selected at the end of the Application Form launched on 23rd January, 2017 by FIS Cameroon for the Contribution of the Civil Society in the key steps of the elaboration of the Global Fund financing requests. And it was the CICM located at Mvolyé in the heart of the Cameroonian capital, Yaounde that served as a framework for cogitation during a two-day orientation workshop. The aim of the meeting was to provide technical expertise to these Experts retained so that in return, they would transmit it to the Civil Society Representatives in the Country Coordination Mechanism Board (CCM) to ensure that the needs of the Communities and beneficiary populations are taken in account.

The Civil Society experts gathered on Wednesday and Thursday thus identified all the concerns of the field actors and the Communities, (for the ongoing malaria continuation request especially) in order to present a Report to the Civil Society Representatives sitting at the CCM for a paradigm shift on the management of Global Fund allocation, and the potential impact on improving the health of populations. After malaria request, IHV/AIDS and Tuberculosis will then jointly follow.

It should be noticed that, since 2014, Cameroon has benefited from Global Fund financial assistance to fight Malaria, Tuberculosis and HIV / AIDS. And for the 2017-2019 allocation period, the country receives 164,458,080 euros, or about 107 billion FCFA. For such an amount to be used properly, it must take in account the needs of those to whom it will be directed (populations in general, vulnerable populations in particular). This leads to a process for developing requests where all stakeholders are mobilized. And among the stakeholders in charge of deliberation, are the Representatives of Civil Society. A civil society at the heart of the fight for the eradication of malaria, tuberculosis and HIV / AIDS epidemics.