Happy New Year 2017 Mr. Executive Director!


This phrase was repeated severally last Friday January 27, 2017 by the entire staff of FIS Cameroon to the Executive Director. As it is customary at the beginning of each year in some structures, the staff addresses New Year wishes to their boss. The staff of FIS Cameroon did not deviate from this rule as they addressed New Year wishes 2017 to their boss in the person of Bertrand KAMPOER as well as to his family and relatives, both personally and professionally.

Beyond the use of civility and respect for protocol, the highlight of this ceremony was of course the two speeches presented, one by the employee of the year 2016 (Michele BONKOUN) on behalf of the staff of FIS, and the other by the Executive Director. Through their spokesperson, the employees requested from the hierarchy, the improvement of working environment, sustainability in employment, better remuneration and health insurance in case of accident at work. The Executive Director on his part acknowledged having carefully listened to all demands put forth by the employees and he added that the satisfaction of all these demands can only be thanks to hard work and better practice of professionalism.

The New Year 2017 has already kick-off and the determination to achieve the organization’s ambition is fully apprehended by all staff members. Henceforth, the entire staff of FIS Cameroon intends to work hand in glove to meet the challenges of this New Year and to become the most important Civil Society Organizations, why not the most important in the field of Health Promotion.