Does the UHC pass through Health Insurance Companies?


The issue on the importance and role of health insurance companies in Cameroon was the theme of a TV program "Notre Santé" held last weekend on Vision 4 TV. Of the three panelists invited to clarify viewers on this subject, was the Executive Director of FIS Cameroon. For an hour, Bertrand KAMPOER in company with two heads of health insurance companies insisted on the incomprehensible attitude of officials of the Ministry of Public Health who resigned from this initiative officially launched in 2001, with the objective of creating at least one Health Insurance Company in each Health District in Cameroon by 2015.

After this period elapsed, the objective is still not achieved. Worse of it, the current 2016-2027 Sectorial Strategy plan does not mention Health Insurance Companies and the role they can play in accessing health care for Cameroonians. "This segment is abandoned in the hands of individuals or promoters who manage it as they can to provide care to people. The government on its part has disappeared and does not seem to be indignant” he said.

The Director of FIS Cameroon also took the opportunity to recommend again, as it has been the case for several months now through the campaign "Future Health", the implementation of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) in Cameroon, with regard to the indicators of Health insurance companies that remain low. A more global solution must be apprehended. And in this light, the implementation of the UHC is a necessity for the well-being of people in general, the vulnerable groups in particular. He therefore concluded by recommending to Cameroonians to join this fight carried out since then by FIS Cameroon, with regard to the advantages that could be drawn on the human plan.