The board

Mandate of the Board:

The Board of Directors is the body that takes the administrative and political decisions. These decisions directly affect the definition and supervision of operations to achieve the mission of the NGO and directions of the General Assembly.

The Board of Directors may authorize all acts which are not reserved to the General Assembly. At the meetings, the Board of Directors shall be informed to analyze debate and take decisions based on the best interest of the NGO, consistent with its mission and values. The Board prepares the agenda of the General Assembly, and recruits staff of the Executive Management after consulting the General Assembly.


The Board of Directors includes:

  • Chairperson;
  • Vice Chairperson;
  • Vice Chairperson;
  • Secretary General;
  • Treasurer;
  • Auditor;
  • Advisor.



The Board of Directors meets each semester in regular session and convened by its Chairperson or 2/3 of its members in extraordinary session. The role and functions of the Board are free. However, they can benefit from the facilities and working session and commission fees as part of their work within the organization.