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Two FIS’s Ambassadors at the 19th ICASA


There are news that enhance the prestige of an Organization and attest to the human potential and capacity building dear to civil society in their daily challenges to vulnerable groups. Two members of FIS Cameroon Staff, Michele BONKOUN, in charge of Community Mobilization and Benoit BISSOHONG, Communication and Advocacy Officer, have just been selected to present their Posters during the 19th edition of the International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa. A scientific upcoming event which will take place from 04 - 09 December 2017 in Abidjan in Ivory Coast.

Mom's light at the middle of children immunization in the Lolodorf HD.

Please find attached to this article, an interesting Human interest on the Mom's light work in the Lolodorf Health District (HD) South region Cameroon. Recruted by FIS, they have significantly increased by their committment, immunization coverage rate it the District level. And the story is related by NGUEFFO LONSI Aurelie, Midwife it the District hopital.

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06 FIS experts worked on the TB / HIV Concept Note

Cameroon will submit on Monday 28 August, 2017 its Tuberculosis/HIV Grant request to Global Fund. To do this, the process called Country Dialogue where all Actors write the document serving as a request, is in progress. One of the most important steps in this inclusive process, is the writing of the Concept Note.

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82 05, a free line at your service

Find attached to this article, a Human interest story based on the way the 82 05 free line is changing people's live, especially Achille. He finds on it, a friend in which he can trust. Le free line is put at the disposal of Communities for them to have informations on the health system and even denounce abuses they face while having healthcare.

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